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Track your emotions, nurture your well-being

Log your daily emotions and intentions to gain insights into your mental well-being and personal growth

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"Intent is a simple and private mood journal that has transformed the way I understand myself. With its easy-to-use interface, it has given me deep insights into my emotions and daily goals, making it an invaluable and secure companion on my journey to better mental health."


Gain self-awareness

Intent helps you gain self-awareness by logging your daily emotions and intentions. Understand patterns and triggers to improve your mental well-being.

Track your progress

With Intent, you can track your progress over time. See how your emotions and intentions evolve and make positive changes in your life.

Foster personal growth

Use Intent to foster personal growth. Reflect on your emotions and intentions, set goals, and work towards becoming the best version of yourself.



"I love how Intent helps me understand my emotions better. It's like having a personal coach for my mental health."

Start tracking your emotions today.

“Since using Intent, I've become more aware of my emotions and have made significant progress in my personal growth journey. Highly recommend it!” - Jonas

Join our Beta!

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