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Your First 90 days

Navigate the challenges, craft a strategic vision, and build high-performing teams to set the stage for success in your crucial first 90 days as a CTO.

Your First 90 days
Your First 90 days

Time & Location

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About the event

What You'll Learn Understanding the Startup Landscape
  • Assessing the company's mission, vision, and culture
  • Analyzing the current technology stack and identifying opportunities
Building Relationships and Effective Communication
  • Developing rapport with your team
  • Establishing clear communication channels with stakeholders
Crafting Your Vision and Strategy
  • Aligning your technical vision with company goals
  • Developing a strategic roadmap for short-term and long-term success
Tackling Immediate Challenges
  • Prioritizing and addressing technical debt
  • Effective incident response and critical bug fixes
Building a High-Performing Team
  • Identifying skill gaps and effective hiring strategies
  • Fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation
Measuring and Iterating for Success
  • Establishing KPIs and setting realistic targets
  • Continuous improvement strategies and embracing a culture of innovation
Why Attend?
  • Gain actionable insights from experienced professionals in the startup world.
  • Network with fellow CTOs and tech leaders facing similar challenges.
  • Equip yourself with strategies to thrive in the dynamic startup environment.
Who Should Attend?
  • Early-stage startup CTOs
  • Tech leaders and executives
  • Aspiring CTOs and those interested in startup technology leadership

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